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War of The Supermen

5 May


War of The Supermen Issue #0 June ’10
Free Comic Book Day Edition

Let me start out by saying that I hadn’t followed the World of New Krypton storyline. Its story and issues with pacing are pretty well documented among comic book fans, so I won’t really get into that. I did, however keep up with the Last Stand storyline in an attempt to gear up for this upcoming “war” that DC has been touting for some time.

For those of you that didn’t know, this past Saturday (May 1st) was free comic book day in which local comic book shops would distribute specially designated comics they get from companies across the board such as Marvel, DC, etc. for free. One of those issues also happened to be the start of the new Superman arc currently set for release this week. Yes, the War of The Supermen is finally upon us, and we can finally begin to see the ramifications and consequences of the recently enlarged bottled city of Kandor’s conflict with planet Earth.

Now I’m not gonna waste any time getting into the issues surrounding the creation of New Krypton or how General Zod recently wrestled away control of planet. If you want some back story on it, you can pick up the “World of New Krypton” and “Last Stand of New Krypton” from your LCS or just wiki it if you must.

For a free comic book, this issue has been getting fairly good reviews and there seems to be a buzz growing around this upcoming arc which has been absent from the recent Superman family of comics. Besides Supergirl and the early issues of the recently relaunched Adventure Comics under Geoff Johns, the Superman comics have been on the low end of sales and ratings.  It would thus make sense as to why the Big Wigs up at DC would want to distribute this particular issue as a “free” comic.


Now on to the review.  Gates and Robinson craft a very short, albeit riveting encounter between Kal-El and his long-time foe, short-time commanding officer General Zod.  The events of this comic take place shortly after Zod has united New Krypton after defending an assault by Brainiac and rallying the planet with a declaration of war against Earth.  The opening sequence is of Supes busting through Zod’s command center in an attempt to thwart his advances. It is during this scene that Zod’s manipulation of Kal-El and the entire planet of New Krypton really begins to reveal itself.   It’s after Supes is subdued by Non and Ursa (wielding a Kryponite knife of all things…) that we get to see Clark seething with teeth clenched as he realizes that he was just a pawn used by Zod to train his military. Clark’s years of experience wielding the powers of a yellow sun proved invaluable in Zod’s mind and recruiting him to train the newly imbued citizens and military of New Krypton was exactly what an evil mastermind would dream of. It isn’t just the physical breakdown Zod strives to accomplish, it’s the manipulation and psychological aspects of this war which is evidenced by his remark to Clark that he didn’t receive New Krypton’s love through trickery and guile, but that he earned it. He also reminds Clark of the personal relevance of this War on earth, of the revenge he swore on Jor-El (Kal-El’s father) and the house of El. It all ends with Zod’s revelation that Superman is too late to stop him anyway and a splash page showing the “Supermen” of New Krypton descending upon Earth.

The art by Eddy Barrows was pretty good, I was really impressed with his ability to portray the scenes and translate the writing. Everything from the anger on Clark’s face to the maniacal grin on Zod’s was all pretty fantastic. Ursa licking Clark’s blood off the Kryptonite knife was especially deviant and made her look completely insane! All in all the artwork was above and beyond what you would expect from a free comic book.

If nothing else, this issue serves its purpose to drive up interest in the Superman story lines. A lot of you probably have been avoiding the Superman family comics, but with this issue, the upcoming War of The Supermen seems poised to get things rolling. One can only hope right? Either way, JMS is right on the horizon. =)