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The Infinite #1

4 Aug

The Infinite is a story centralized around the idea that an antagonist named Imperius will one day use the technological advancements of a time machine and cloaking mechanisms to infiltrate the government and seize control. A rebel organization forms to which our main protagonist, Bowen, is affiliated. They develop a last ditch effort in which Bowen and his friend Case infiltrate Imperius’ stronghold using his own cloaking mechanisms and steal his time machine belt in order to travel back in time. During the course of this mission, Case is subsequently killed while Bowen travels back in time to recruit a younger Bowen and Case to his cause to stop Imperius before he rises to prominence.

Before I begin, Cable anyone?

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Okay the honest truth is that I didn’t really enjoy this book. Everything about it just seemed very amateurish. It’s actually surprising to see Kirkman’s name attached to this book. I didn’t really have a problem with too much of the writing actually. The plot and premise just seems kind of cliché and unimaginative. All the characters seem like one dimensional action heroes and villains especially the three main characters introduced so far (Bowen, Case, and Imperius). There are no surprises or even any real hooks that really draw you into the story and all of this definitely doesn’t get any help from the next topic of conversation.

The art is pretty horrible. Reminiscent of the 90’s; belts, shoulder pads and leg pouches galore. I’ll admit I never read anything with art that Liefeld drew, but his name seems to hold some weight. DC definitely thinks highly enough of him to have him draw their Hawk and Dove for the new 52. The truth is, a lot of the problem that arise from the book seeming very amateurish stems from Liefeld’s art. Everything from lazy character designs and ridiculous facial expressions to bare monotone backgrounds and lack of detail. And what is up with the feet? I guess it’s well known that Rob can’t draw feet seeing as though typing “Rob Liefeld” into google’s search engine prompts google to suggest “can’t draw feet”.

All in all, I don’t believe I will be picking up any future issue of this book. I might give it a look in trade format just to see how it panes out, but other than that, thanks, but no thanks.

Grade: 4.0