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War of The Supermen #1

8 May

Battle for New Krypton

Continuing with our march to the “War of the Supermen”, issue number 1 kicks off with Kal-El fighting off Zod, Non, and Ursa in an attempt to intercept the invading Kryptonians that Zod has ordered against Earth. We find out that Lex had planted a bomb within Reactron and has set him to detonate, destroying New Krypton in the process. This was the plan which Luthor had instigated for General Lane in order to receive his presidential pardon for his crimes. Before detonating we witness Alura torturing Reactron and subsequently being chastised by Kara after she walks in on her doing her dirty deed. Kara and Alura have a mother-daughter moment in which Kara tells her mom that her father may have been warning Kara about her mother as opposed to warning Kara to watch out for her mother. Alura and Kara wise up to the bomb and Alura seals Kara into some sort of containment chamber (reminiscent of the blastoff from Old Krypton anyone?) and proceeds to try and stop the detonation, but fails as New Krypton is seen in the following pages completely destroyed. Kal and Kara then have a very touching embrace as Zod goes on to inform his forces of what has just transpired, rallying them against Earth. Oh and somewhere along the way Lois and Jimmy gather a few of Metropolis’ heroes to discuss her father’s true intentions while unknowingly being watched by Lucy Lane high up in the sky with diamonds. =)

Honestly, I thought the issue was good. I mean, flipping through it now, there really wasn’t much that I have to complain about. There was action, there was drama, and there were a couple interesting plot dynamics which developed. We now know what Luthor was up to and how he got his pardon. We also see a HUGE upswing in Zod’s manipulation of the Kryptonians. Earth is basically responsible for the destruction of their planet for goodness’ sakes. That’s ultimately going to pay huge dividends for Zod and Supes knows this. We can only imagine what Kal must be thinking, simultaneously grieving for the destruction of New Krypton while also having to muster up the strength necessary to stop a very united group of his own people that all have his abilities. Throughout the years, Superman has always been a superhero who more or less reluctantly fights his battles at times. He would rather will his opposition to the “good” side so to speak. Think of how many times Luthor has proved himself to be an ass yet Superman still tries to bring out the good in Lex. Or even when Superman tried to use compassion with Superboy Prime during Final Crisis after he slaughtered so many people. In this issue, after Earth and General Lane are clearly responsible for New Krypton’s destruction, how will Kal be able to defend Earth this time? Does he even have a good reason to?

Rating 7.5/10