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Brightest Day #1

8 May


“Second Chances”

My Face!

Just reread Brightest Day’s first issue. Gotta say, it’s good to see Aquaman, J’onn J’onzz, and the others back alive and well…or are they…? Very interesting circumstances arise within this issue. The resurrected heroes seem to have lingering side effects, most noticeable was Arthur’s summoning of dead sea life and subsequent loss of control over them. A risen giant squid and shark carcass basically ripped through a bunch of Somali child sex trafficking bastards.

In J’onn J’onzz’s case, it almost seemed like he nearly lapsed back into his black lantern form…maybe more of a telepathic lapse than anything else. Sinestro leads Hal and Carol Ferris to the White Lantern in the beginning of the issue in order to try to lift it, but to no avail and the comic shifts directly to Boston Brand’s warping adventure. We also got a look at the Hawk’s and their continuing journey led by the “Claw of Horus” which is incidentally leading them to their original bodies which have been unearthed by mercenaries hired by the Hawk’s longtime nemesis, Hath-Set. Hath is then shown with the bodies in an undisclosed region in the Peruvian Amazon. There’s also scenes involving Black Manta and his totally INSANE self. Literally just gutting and filleting some innocents and then subsequently revealing his little known arsonist side.


Last page with him on it was pretty awesome, definitely excited to see more of him and his ridiculous testosterone levels when he gets a chance to try and skewer the Sea King.

The one portion of the comic I didn’t find very interesting was the part involving the new/old firestorm combo. Maybe it’s just me, never really had much exposure to the first or second incarnations of the character and the truth is, at this point, it’s hard to care. Come on Johns, make me care about this guy! For now, the both of these babies just seem like whiners. One whines about his dead girlfriend and the other whines about not being able to hang out with his buddies. Okay, the dead GF is kind of a tough thing to go through, so I’ll let that slide, but still, less complaining and more substance please! Show me what kind of powers this guy has, show me his potential and keep the jibber jabber to a minimum if it’s gonna be so centered on this “I hate you/No I hate YOU!” mess. Oh, and did I mention the new plot element behind this dull duo is that since they combined to form firestorm, they can’t seem to uncombine…..Mmmm two people who don’t get along are forced to be stuck with one another? I smell a comedy sitcom, Odd Couple part deux anyone?

Anyway, overall the comic was worth the read. Probably rate it at about an 8/10 give or take. And yeah, don’t take my firestorm bashing too personally or let it affect whether or not you read the book, it really is more of a pet peeve than anything else.

Til next time comic book aficionados,