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Astonishing Spidey & Wolvey #1

6 May

Another Fine Mess Part One

What can I say? Spider-Man and Wolverine together in a brand new continuity light book? Sign me up. After reading the previews I thought the book would be pretty awesome. I imagined Spidey and Logan basically getting themselves into all kinds of trouble romping through the streets of New York defending an onslaught by the sinister six, teaming up to stop a runaway Juggernaut, or stopping the Kingpin’s weekly plan to take the city for himself.

Obviously this is just the first issue so I totally understand the draw of setting up the comic with a bizarre plot twist, but right from the get go, opening the comic up, I was caught holding my breathe for a bit longer than I’d hoped.

So what’s the deal?

Spidey and Wolverine get thrown back in time? Really? Is getting lost in time the new thing to do in comic books? I mean, the first few panels with a seemingly caveman Spider-Man and Wolverine really had me wondering…I really thought for a second that it was meant as more of a joke. Almost a satire if you will, but then it sunk in and well I’d have to say that I’m pretty glad they were able to get back to present day by the end of the comic, albeit with a few consequences due to their tampering with the past.

So…Storywise I wasn’t very impressed. It wasn’t just the whole trapped in time bit that I’m worried about. It was just the story itself. It wasn’t that engaging or exciting. For a first issue I expected some ridiculousness especially considering the two protagonists. I expected Wolverine doing what he does (kicking ass and taking names) and Spidey to provide the comical wise cracking atmosphere we’ve all grown accustomed to. Maybe that’s my problem, maybe I had already expected this comic to be something it isn’t? Either way, I’ll be picking up the second issue just to see where all of this goes and hopefully it picks up.

Oh, and the art by Adam was definitely great, very clean and stylized. Definitely liked that. So tell me what all of you thought of the book! Liked it? Didn’t like it? Agree/Disagree??